Overview of COSGrid MicroZAccess
MicroZAccess is a cutting-edge ZTNA solution that enables secure and controlled access to your organization's network, applications, and resources. Built on the principles of Zero Trust security, NIST Framework , MicroZAccess ensures that every access request is meticulously verified and authorized, regardless of the user's location or network environment.
With MicroZAccess, you can adopt a granular approach to access control, providing secure remote access for employees, partners, and contractors. It goes beyond traditional perimeter-based security models by focusing on authenticating and authorizing users at the application level rather than the network level. This approach significantly reduces the risk of lateral movement attacks and strengthens your overall security posture.

MicroZAccess at a Glance

Stronger and Multi-fold improved Security
  • Ensures granular access based on robust user, device and security context
  • No Lateral Movements possible through Micro-segmentation
  • Cloud Services hidden from unauthorized users and devices
Seamless End-User experience
  • Direct Host to Host Overlay Secure Connectivity
  • Simple Multi-Cloud and distributed access using Mesh Architecture
  • Universal protocol support (HTTP and all non-HTTP)
Scalable, Highly Available and Manageable
  • SSO using SAML2 Integration and OpenID Connect support
  • Single Pane Visibility of Users, Devices and Traffic
  • Flexible Deployment Models
One Comprehensive Zero Trust and SSE platform
  • North-South & East-West (In/Out and Within) Perimeter Traffic
  • Micro-segmentation based User/Device Roles & Security Groups
  • Combine with SWG, FWaaS, Threat Detection
MicroZAccess -Product Overview Demo
MicroZAccess - Concept Video
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