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Safety Information

  1. Secure Network Access: MicroZAccess is designed to provide secure network access solutions for authorized users. It employs Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) principles to ensure secure communication and access to network resources. While every effort has been made to create a secure system, no system is entirely immune to security breaches. Users should follow best practices for network security and exercise caution when accessing sensitive information.

  2. Implementation Considerations: Successful implementation of MicroZAccess requires careful planning and configuration. Users should refer to the software's documentation and follow the recommended guidelines provided by COSGrid Networks. Improper configuration or failure to follow guidelines may result in security vulnerabilities or operational issues.

  3. User Responsibilities: Users of MicroZAccess are responsible for maintaining the security of their login credentials and complying with any password or access control policies defined by COSGrid Networks. Sharing or disclosing login information may lead to unauthorized access and compromise the security of the network.

  4. Regular Updates and Patches: To ensure the continued security of MicroZAccess, it is crucial to install updates and patches provided by COSGrid Networks. These updates often include critical security enhancements that address newly identified vulnerabilities. Failure to keep the software up to date may expose the system to potential security risks.

  5. Compliance with Regulatory Requirements: Users should be aware of and comply with relevant industry-specific regulations and standards governing network security and data protection. MicroZAccess is intended to assist users in meeting their compliance requirements, but it is the user's responsibility to ensure adherence to applicable regulations.

  6. Technical Support: COSGrid Networks provides technical support for MicroZAccess. Users encountering issues or in need of assistance should refer to the provided support documentation or contact COSGrid Networks for prompt resolution.

  7. Limitation of Liability: COSGrid Networks disclaims any liability for damages or losses incurred by users or third parties arising from the use or misuse of MicroZAccess. While every effort has been made to develop a secure and reliable product, the inherent risks associated with network security cannot be entirely eliminated.

  8. Modification of Documentation: COSGrid Networks reserves the right to update, modify, or revise the safety information provided in this documentation without prior notice. Users should refer to the most current version of the documentation available from COSGrid Networks' official sources.

  9. General Disclaimer: The following safety information pertains to MicroZAccess, a ZTNA-based software developed by COSGrid Networks. Please read this information carefully before using the software. By using the software, you acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions outlined herein.

Please note that the safety information provided above is not an exhaustive list, and users should refer to the complete documentation provided by COSGrid Networks for comprehensive guidance on using MicroZAccess securely.


COSGrid Networks warrants that software of MicroZAccess will be free from material defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 365 days from the date of original purchase. If any defect is found during the warranty period, COSGrid Networks will repair or replace the defective software at no charge to the customer.

COSGrid Networks' obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of defective hardware or software. COSGrid Networks is not liable for any incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to lost profits, data loss, or damage to other equipment.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, or abuse. COSGrid Networks also disclaims any warranty for products that have been modified or repaired by unauthorized personnel.

To make a warranty claim, please contact COSGrid Networks customer support at info@cosgrid.com or +91 8610144212

Here are some additional details about the warranty:

  • The warranty is only valid for products that are properly registered with COSGrid Networks.

  • The warranty does not cover products that are used for commercial or industrial purposes.

  • The warranty is void if the product is damaged by accident, misuse, or abuse.

If you have any questions about the warranty, please contact COSGrid Networks customer support.

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