Dashboard Overview

Once you have successfully logged into the dashboard, you gain access to a comprehensive set of monitoring features that allow you to keep track of the devices connected to the Tenant. This information includes a map displaying the network activity and a table which provides:

  1. Device/User Status: This enables you to quickly identify whether a device is online or offline.

  2. Device/User Activity: The dashboard provides real-time updates on the activity of the connected devices.

  3. Time: The dashboard displays the timestamp of the last connection or update from each device.

  4. Geo IP/Location: You can obtain geolocation information for each device, allowing you to determine the physical location from which it is connected.

  5. Operating System (OS): This information enables you to identify the different OS platforms being utilized by your connected devices.

By leveraging these monitoring capabilities, you can gain valuable insights into the status, activity, geographical location, operating systems, and timestamps of your connected devices.

You can also find the Color Code of the Device status located at the top left of the table. This color code provides visual indicators to quickly identify the status of devices listed in the table. Each status is assigned a specific color, allowing you to easily distinguish between different device states.

At the top right corner of the table in the MicroZAccess Web Dashboard, you will find three useful options:

  1. Search Bar: The search bar allows you to perform a quick search for the required keyword within the table.

  2. Filter: The filter option allows you to refine the data displayed in the table based on the status of the device

  3. Download Option: The download option provides the ability to download the data from the table in a downloadable format.

The MicroZAccess Web Dashboard also offers a Network Status overview located to the left of the map. This overview provides the details such as:

  1. Total Devices: indicates the total number of devices registered or connected to the network.

  2. Online Devices: represents the number of devices that are currently online and actively connected to the network.

  3. Total Users: displays the total number of user accounts registered within the MicroZAccess network.

  4. Online Users: shows the number of users who are currently logged in and actively using the MicroZAccess system.

When you hover over the left sidebar in the MicroZAccess Web Dashboard, a navigation panel will appear, providing access to the following menus:

  • Dashboard: This menu takes you to the primary dashboard where you can monitor the network and its activities.

  • MicroZAccess: Selecting this menu option will direct you to the dedicated page for managing and configuring MicroZAccess Endpoint profiles. From here, you can create and delete profiles.

  • Organization: This menu branch contains multiple sections related to the organization and network management:

    a. Inventory: This section allows you to manage the registered devices to the network.

    b. Device Systems: In this section, you can register new devices for the server onto the network ensuring their seamless integration into the network infrastructure.

    c. Get MicroZAccess: This page enables you to download the MicroZAccess Desktop App.

    d. Users: This section allows you to add and manage users within the network.

    e. Security Groups: Here, you can add and configure access privileges using security groups. Security groups help define specific access permissions and restrictions for different user profiles or groups within the network.

    f. MZA Overlay Servers: This section enables you to add new overlay servers with different group memberships. It allows you to expand the network infrastructure and configure server resources according to specific requirements.

  • Live Chat: This menu option provides access to live chat support. By selecting this, you can engage in immediate conversations with support representatives for real-time assistance and guidance.

  • Announcements: Choosing this menu displays announcements related to MicroZAccess or network updates. It provides important information, notifications, and news regarding the service.

  • Quick Start Guide: This menu option provides a quick start guide or tutorial for new users. It offers step-by-step instructions and tips on how to get started with MicroZAccess and effectively utilize its features and functionalities.

Get MicroZAccess:

In the "MZA client" section of the MicroZAccess Web Dashboard, you can access the MicroZAccess Desktop App for different operating systems. On the top bar of the page, you will find options to navigate to the specific OS of your choice. By selecting the desired OS, you will be able to download the MicroZAccess Desktop App tailored for that operating system.

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