Endpoint Profile Creations

In the MicroZAccess Endpoint Profiles of the selected Device section of the Dashboard, you can access and manage various profiles that have been created. The section provides important information about each profile providing specific details:

  1. NAME: In the "NAME" column, you can view the names of the different profiles that have been created. This column serves as an identifier for each profile, allowing you to easily differentiate between them.

  2. MICRO ACCESS HUBS: The "MICRO ACCESS HUBS" column displays the Overlay Servers to which each profile has access. This column indicates the specific Micro Access Hubs that are associated with each profile.

  3. GROUP MEMBERSHIP: The "GROUP MEMBERSHIP" column shows the groups that the profile is included in. This column provides information about the membership of each profile in various groups, allowing you to manage group-based access and permissions for different profiles.

  4. SECURITY GROUPS: Under the "SECURITY GROUPS" column, you can find the security access privileges provided to each profile. This column specifies the specific security groups associated with each profile, defining the level of access and permissions granted to the profile within the network.

  5. Actions: In the "Actions" section, you will find the option to edit/delete profiles, allowing you to change profile configuration or remove profiles that are no longer needed.

You can also find a search bar located at the top left of the table. This search bar enables you to search for specific keywords or criteria within the table. By entering relevant search terms, you can quickly filter and locate the desired information within the table.

Furthermore, towards the top right of the table, you will find the download option. This feature allows you to download the data from the table in a downloadable format.

To create a new user profile in MicroZAccess, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the "Add" button at the bottom right of the profile table.

  2. Click on the "Add" button to open the New User Profile Configuration Form.

  3. Fill in the required fields:

    • Name: Enter the name of the user profile.

    • MZA Overlay Servers: Specify the MicroZAccess overlay servers to be associated with the user profile.

    • Group Membership: Define the group(s) to which the user profile belongs.

    • Security Groups: Assign the relevant security groups to the user profile.

  4. If you require advanced configuration options, expand the "Advanced" section.

  5. Configure the additional fields based on your requirements:

    • Remote Subnet: Specify the remote subnet for the user profile.

    • Remote Gateway: Define the remote gateway for the user profile.

    • WAN Subnet: Set the WAN subnet for the user profile.

    • LAN Subnet: Specify the LAN subnet for the user profile.

By completing the New User Profile Configuration Form, you can create a new user profile with the desired settings in MicroZAccess.

By providing these configuration fields, the MicroZAccess Web Dashboard empowers you to create new user profiles with customized settings. You can define the name, select the relevant MZA Overlay Servers, assign group membership and security groups, and configure advanced options such as the local and remote subnets. This level of flexibility allows for fine-grained control over network access and permissions for each user profile.

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