In the Inventory section of the Organization wing, you can access a table that lists the registered devices in the network. The table includes the following device information:

  1. DEVICE NAME: This column displays the name assigned to each registered device within the network.

  2. TENANT NAME: The Tenant Name column shows the name of the tenant or user to whom the device is associated.

  3. DEVICE ID: This column contains the unique Device ID assigned to each registered device. The Device ID can be used as the identifier for logging in through server mode.

  4. DEVICE KEY: The Device Key column displays the specific key associated with the respective Device ID for server mode login.

  5. IP ADDRESS: This column displays the IP address assigned to each device within the network.

  6. STATUS: The Status column indicates the current status of the connected device. It can show various statuses such as Running, Not Reachable, Registered, Online, Offline, or Connected, depending on the device's connectivity and operational state.

  7. Actions: The Actions column provides you with options to edit or perform actions related to the device's information.

Additionally, at the bottom left of the table, you will find the color code, which serves as a visual indicator to represent different device statuses.

Furthermore, the top left of the table contains the search bar, enabling you to search for specific keyword. The top right offers the download and filter options, allowing you to download the table data in various formats and apply filters to refine the displayed information.

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