MZA Overlay Server

In the MZA Overlay Servers section of the MicroZAccess Web Dashboard, administrators can view information about the existing Overlay Servers in the network. The displayed details include:

  1. Name: This column shows the name of each Overlay Server.

  2. Service: It indicates the service associated with the Overlay Server.

  3. Group Membership: This column lists the groups that are included in the Overlay Server.

  4. Actions: This column provides options for performing actions related to the Overlay Servers, such as deleting a specific server.

By clicking the "Add" option located at the bottom left of the table, administrators can access a form to add a new MZA Overlay server. The form includes the following fields:

  1. Name: This field allows specifying a name for the configuration of the Overlay server.

  2. Description: This field is optional and can be used to provide additional information or details about the server.

  3. Group(s): This field enables creating group memberships for the Overlay server.

  4. Signaling Hub: Administrators can choose the signaling hub to be used. If the "Custom" option is selected, an expanded section appears with three additional fields: a. Public IP: The public IP address associated with the server. b. Port: The port number to be used. c. Subnet: The subnet to be configured for the server.

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