In the "Users" section of "Users" menu page of the MicroZAccess Web Dashboard, you will find a table containing the list of users in the network along with their corresponding information:

  1. EMAIL: This column displays the email ID of each user.

  2. ACCESS: Here, you can see the access privilege or level assigned to each user.

  3. Active: This column indicates whether the user is currently active in the network, with a value of "true" or "false" based on the user's status.

  4. Owner: The "Owner" column specifies whether the user is an owner of the network, with a value of "true" or "false" indicating ownership status.

  5. Networks: This column displays the networks to which each user is connected.

  6. Actions: In this column, you have options to edit the user's information or delete the user from the tenant.

Additionally, you can find a search bar located at the top left of the table. This search bar allows you to search for specific keywords or criteria within the table.

Furthermore, towards the top right of the table, you will find the download option. This feature allows you to download the data from the table in a downloadable format. This allows you to save and use the user data offline or for further analysis and reporting.

By clicking the "Add" button to the bottom of the table, you can provide "Email" and add a new user to the Tenet.

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