Click on the button Download MicroZAccess for Windows Installer to download the .msi installation file, once downloaded, run the file directly by double-clicking the file.

Note- Your Windows Defender may prevent you from running the installation. This can be overcome by clicking on ‘More info’ when prompted and click on ‘Run Anyway’ in order to continue with the installation process.

Once you’re able to view the Welcome page of the wizard, click on next to view our End-User License Agreement. You need to accept the license terms before you can continue with the installation.

Once you click next, You need to select the folder where you want to install the software.

‘C:\Program Files\COSGrid MicroZAccess\’ will be the default destination.

Once the installation is complete, you can launch the software by clicking on the shortcut on your desktop.

After Installation

1) Run the “COSGridMicroZAccess.exe” / click the shortcut icon on your desktop and log in with your credentials (Email and Password/SSO/ Google).

2)Once logged in, the profile “mza” will appear under “MicroZAccess profiles”, which is a default profile that gets connected automatically in first time

3)Toggle the button next to the profile name to connect.

4)To Add/Delete or Edit a profile

  • Login to cosgrid.net and navigate to Dashboard then,

  • Click the device drop-down list to select your device

  • Click MZA Endpoint profiles where you can add a profile and toggle advanced to add subnets and gateways(Optional)

  • The changes would be reflected in the COSGridMicroZAccess application and you can toggle to the created profile.

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